Adam's Premium Shine Kit

Adam’s Premium Shine Kit contains the 2 most popular products to add shine, gloss, and depth to your freshly polished finish - combined into one awesome kit. It’s the absolute best way to finish off your detail and get staggering results. Adam’s Brilliant Glaze is the very best glaze on the market, deeper, wetter, shinier, and easy to apply. This product will take good paint to great and great paint to outstanding. Adam’s Brilliant Glaze amazing formula goes on easy and dries quickly. It’s an easy way to add almost INSTANT gloss and shine to a finish. Plus its filling ability will help mask minor imperfections when you don’t have time to polish. Top the glaze with the ultra premium Adam’s Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax. A blend of the highest quality Carnauba available, this wax will not only protect, but add yet another dimension to your finish. Easy on, easy off, and with great clarity and lasting protection. Use Adam’s Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax to seal in the Adam’s Brilliant Glaze for the ultimate dripping wet look. Paired with our ergonomic and easy to use hex grip applicators and our class leading double soft microfiber buffing towel, discover what enthusiasts all over the United States and beyond already know.

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